She reached out, fingers straining as her toes took the weight of her curiosity A miracle was within reach, separated by a crumbling cliff and an ounce of doubt But still, she reached, letting the ground beneath her fall away because she knew, with pure devotion, that not knowing would kill her faster than the... Continue Reading →


Picture It

I can't get it out of my head This picture of what should have been It's killing me Knowing I chose the wrong maybe This is on me This forever goodbye This broken till you die This twisted romance This shattered frame of the picture that could have been  

let’s call this goodbye

cigarette burning glass full of white wine she's in a red robe shining in the moonlight there's no tomorrow dark waters, sharp knife she's got her eyes closed let's go to heaven tonight so let's call this goodbye        

Visions of Romance

Picnics in graveyards Wilting roses and crumpled love notes Mumbled I love you's and get home safe Pillow talks that fade into dreams Not perfect but bruised, beaten, ripped at the edges Not perfect but infinite  


They called us crazy, monsters, criminals Maybe we are Perhaps our grey souls and red hands make us sinners Or maybe it's just a matter of taste Burning halos and black wings or blinding purity and bruised knees? Are you willing to burn or are you afraid of matches?  


She calls herself Recovery. Tells me she's the better option, that she can save me. But to be saved, don't you need to be alive?

A bit of silver

As the waves crashed upon me Dragging away the hope I clung to I struggled to remember that Though pain may be inevitable, it is not infinite


She's the midnight dream that doesn't fall into oblivion when my eyes open It's almost as if, since the day I met her, I haven't woken up.


It was the way she didn't seem to feel that caught my attention Those blank eyes held more grey than a brewing storm I swear those pink lips would crack and bleed if they ever found a reason to smile She wasn't what I would call beautiful, she was simply...stunning Stunning in the sense that... Continue Reading →

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