Letter to my Inferno

In a way, it’s simple

The way I love you

The way I want to drown in you

I have this overwhelming need to understand you,

to feel you,

to have you

But touching you scorches the delicate skin of my fingertips

It drags flames against my winter baby soul, melting the only reality I’ve ever known

In a way, it’s easy

The way I’ll die for you

The way I lose my mind for you

The way I’m so willing to blur the lines between pleasure and pain for you

I’ll take the burns, the scars, the agony

I’ll let it wash over me with that burst of heat that is so…you

I’m willing to watch you burn down my green and blue reality for the kicks

You can paint my cool world with reds and oranges that rival any sunset in magnificence

Because suddenly, my home has a heartbeat

And the flames, they bend for me



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