Indigo Girls

Indigo girls don’t know how to grow up, how to be anything but endless nights and prevailing dreams.

They whisper their meaningless symphonies and inhale a puff of something as toxic as an accidental I love you.

They say their scarlet boys taste like cheap champagne and nights worth remembering, forgetting that sometimes it’s okay to forget. Forgetting that beauty queens also need rest.

Indigo girls don’t need to grow up, they dress their souls in accordance with their favorite trends and timeless happens to be number one on all of their lists

They put on their best red lipsticks and use those pretty minds to make things happen, but only things…never something that deserves a special name like Change.

They blow kisses and wipe away tears because their biggest fear is loneliness. But sweet and pretty rarely gets lonely…So says the Indigo girl whose smile doesn’t seem all that real.

Indigo girls are always told to grow up, that you can only be a wild child for so long until that endearing name is replaced by words like recklesschaotic mess. Names that aren’t so pretty.

They grow up with warnings on their shoulders and friends that are far too fleeting. Those pretty girls with their scarlet boys are a lot tougher than given credit for. Not everyone can make their misery look so pretty, not everyone has the strength to be the Indigo girl who people like to talk about.

They get called names, the ones that aren’t beautiful. No one likes it when pretty people know that they are pretty, no one likes when confident people love themselves. Indigo girls grow up in a bittersweet world, a world where they can only be pretty if they hate themselves, a world where they’re only allowed to be happy when their tears make you uncomfortable.

Indigo girls are the ones worth knowing because they won’t let you forget. They stain your memories with their silly stories and personalities that don’t really match the rumors.

This is for the Indigo girls, but also for the girls who don’t quite know what color they are. And the boys who don’t get enough recognition in poetry about empowerment and youth.

Don’t be afraid to be reckless. Don’t worry about loneliness. Don’t cry over voices and words that you won’t think about on your wedding day, your birthday, the day you realize you actually do love yourself.

Life is short, we all hear that. But we always forget that life isn’t meant to hurt. So don’t smile if you don’t want to, cry if you need to, laugh only when the joke is funny, and grow up at whatever pace you want.

You see,

You can be an Indigo girl and grow up happy. People don’t define you, neither does your past or your present or the things you’ve said and done. You define you. And you can always rewrite your definition because life is life, and you are you.

Indigo girls might have a bad reputation, but that doesn’t mean anything. They’re still worth writing bad poetry about and falling in love with.

I like Indigo girls. Them and all of their timeless chaos.


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