It was the way she didn’t seem to feel that caught my attention

Those blank eyes held more grey than a brewing storm

I swear those pink lips would crack and bleed if they ever found a reason to smile

She wasn’t what I would call beautiful, she was simply…stunning

Stunning in the sense that someone could be so empty but manage to lit up a room like lightning against a midnight backdrop

Stunning in the way she didn’t cry at funerals or smile when a handsome guy asked her to prom, it makes her flare up in your mind because you almost need to know why

She stands out despite being everything that fades into the background of teenager reality

That’s the reason she’ll be the face I carve into a statue that will last beyond my lifetime

That’s the reason she’s found her way so deep into my awareness that I can’t not share it with the world around me

She might not make her way to history books

But she’s caught my attention

She’ll be the muse forever embedded in my history


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