Salt and Sugar

My mother always warned me about boys like him The ones with pretty smiles and lungs that breathe roses Scripted words drew pictures of happily-ever-afters when he spoke That's what made him so dangerous, he was so easy to fall in love with And maybe the stories are right Maybe he'll leave devastation behind Maybe I'll... Continue Reading →



Needle tip romance I can feel it in my veins dripping from my lungs tainting my red heart a loving poison a sacred toxin I won't call this love you don't love drugs you chase after them you call them the addiction that ruined you, the high that changed you, not love, more like tragedy,... Continue Reading →

Broadway Baby

I close my eyes some nights, and the darkness turns his love into your touch, melts away the fear of tragic history, rewrites the past like a beautiful lie and on those nights, I allow myself the reprieve of believing the tales my heart writes my mind plays out the faded reality, skims over the... Continue Reading →

Letter to my Inferno

In a way, it's simple The way I love you The way I want to drown in you I have this overwhelming need to understand you, to feel you, to have you But touching you scorches the delicate skin of my fingertips It drags flames against my winter baby soul, melting the only reality I've... Continue Reading →


She's got those angel eyes and demon lips Not a sinner, not a nun She's Damnation's queen Wearing a halo and the Devil's kiss

Indigo Girls

Indigo girls don't know how to grow up, how to be anything but endless nights and prevailing dreams. They whisper their meaningless symphonies and inhale a puff of something as toxic as an accidental I love you. They say their scarlet boys taste like cheap champagne and nights worth remembering, forgetting that sometimes it's okay to... Continue Reading →

The Elephant in the Room

His eyes were the same shade as the cigarette smoke he expelled with each breath. They wandered the room aimlessly, a cheap imitation of misery danced in their depths. His youth was glossed with the same cloudy daze found in the gaze of the barkeeper's best customer. Flavored with melancholy, stained with mumbled goodbyes. His flesh... Continue Reading →


the water strokes scarred flesh kisses away the pain of concrete love it whispers secrets of dandelion suns, swan feather moons, rose petal lovers she smiles lazily at the tales feet tainting the serenity with rippling disbelief she lets the lagoon try to drown her in fairy tales but she's a concrete warrior her sun... Continue Reading →

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