I met my soulmate on a train He was going south, looking for something sweet I was sitting there with my hopes wrapped up in a ripped jacket, hoping for a home It wasn't a happily-ever-after Just a pretty-in-passing I met my soulmate on a train And I never saw him again, not even in... Continue Reading →


Call it as it is

I'm tired of calling these hurricanes, bad days Pretending these nightmares aren't flashbacks I'm sick of calling this mask, the real me It's time to call it as it is: I'm not okay Your joke wasn't funny That movie wasn't good That lie broke my heart Some days, I hate myself Others, I can't find... Continue Reading →


"Can I ask you something?" Misery looks at me, nodding softly as he lights his cigarette. "Why me?" In the darkness of my one bedroom apartment, all I can see is cascading smoking and a hint of gold. I hear him shrug, so nonchalant with his burdensome love,"Why not?"

Pretend It’s Heaven

I'm drowning lungs engulfed by black oceans heart choking on salty tears they told me not to fight it, that the struggle would suck me in deeper so I allowed it I drifted away into the grips of my misery I let the poisoned beaches fade from sight as icy blue dragged me deep I... Continue Reading →

Bottles of Ink

I have the option to spill it all In my hands is a bottle of ink it's all I need to show you the midnight thoughts, sunset memories, waterfall fantasies, that revolve around you but I'm too weak to pull the cork too cowardly to show you the curves of my heart so I will... Continue Reading →


I walked through the flames of distance, cut my palms on the rose thorns that remind me of the taste of love, split my lips trying to explain what home means, skinned my knees chasing after an infinity that might not exist, only to fall into your arms, to discover my home, what I was... Continue Reading →

Before You

I had sunflower dreams, stargazing eyes, serendipity bleeding from my chest loneliness that was before you now I'm stuck with having these rose garden nightmares, wanderlust stares, stardust dripping from my soul love affairs


an abstract painting, meaning lost and found in the explosions of reds and blues a modern art form, collecting tears and throbbing hearts nothing special but, absolutely divine    

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